Give your game a head start with this extensive asset bundle.  The Victorian Interiors kit has 8 detailed rooms with 300 useful prefabs creating a sense of Victorian splendor. Extensive use of LOD groups throughout.


Key Features:


- 300 Prefabs including 8 complete rooms

- 186 Materials

- 340 Textures

- Modular components - move the walls around and add doors or windows.

- A Demo scene


This package contains:


Rooms = 8 detailed Victorian interiors and 10 basic room spaces

Furniture = over 40 pieces - everything from a chaise Lounge to a phonograph

Paintings = 92 Pieces (72 fine art) (20 whimsical/horror)

Plants = 15 indoor plants in pots

Wallpaper = 10 different materials to easily customize the appearance of your rooms

Fireplaces = 4 grand fireplaces and a cast-iron stove as well as a barbecue pit and flat-top for the kitchen. Flame fx and sound loop included.

Dinnerware = Enough pieces for a complete Victorian place setting, 4 different glasses, 2 forks/spoons, tea set, etc. LOD groups used in Glassware/flatware to create visually complex dinner settings.

Doors = 5 working door prefabs

Lights = 15 light prefabs from Candelabras to gaslights to Tiffany lamps

Secret Passageways = Wall prefabs and brick textures to create crawl spaces behind the ornate rooms


...and a kitchen sink.